Natural Stone Veneer: "Is a manufactured from a real stone that has been the slip and sawn to fit the highest parameters for weight and thickness as a veneer. One of the many advantages that natural stone veneers have been its durability, because real stone does not crack over time."

Faux Stone Veneer: "Is a manufactured stone veneer is a man made material designed to replicate the look of natural stone in a variety of architectural applications ranging from exterior façades to unique statement walls."

Polymer Stone Siding: "Is made of quality polypropylene, which can withstand extreme temperature and it does not require any maintenance at all."

Thin Brick Veneer:  "Are manufactured stones made from the same materials and processes as other types of brick, but are thinner and weigh less."

Paving Stone: "Are an outdoor floor or superficial surface covering. Paving materials include asphalt, concrete, stones such as flagstone, cobblestone, and setts, artificial stone, bricks, tiles, and sometimes wood."

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