Solid Surface Counter Tops

Natural Stone Material:

Granite:  "is generally considered a durable stone, it’s very dense and acid-resistant, the density means it’s far less likely to scratch than softer stones, and it’s less likely to stain too. However, that doesn’t mean it’s stain-resistant."

Marble: "Is a type of metamorphic rock that is known for its beauty and high price, but still some choose to use it as counter top material in a kitchen. While there is no denying the exquisite nature of marble, it is one of the stones that require extensive care and the application of sealant."

Quartzite: "Is a natural stone with properties similar to granite, including hardness and durability. The peculiarities of this stone's formation make it highly resistant to heat and water, meaning it will remain damage-free for a long time."

Manufactured Material:

Quartz: "are engineered stone surfaces. They combine the best of natural stone with modern manufacturing processes. This results in a surface that's comparable (and often superior) in beauty to granite and marble while offering greater durability."

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